That one mistake

we always have that one mistake;

that made us grow, into a mature adult or even change to someone we don’t even know anymore

i made that mistake already, sad to say it cant be undone anymore.

i changed to someone people don’t recognise anymore.

i used to be selfish, innocent and immature.

after all these i went through, i realise how cruel this world is.

i no longer cared as much;

because i know not everyone will do the same back as me , not everyone will care about me

i lost countless friends just to let myself grow

all these are jus process growing up, i fought with them due to minor matters and didn’t bother to patch things up

thats indeed childish act , but allowed me to turn to a mature person after all.

its all part of the process , I’m used to it already

theres definitely more that i went through but this two are the ones that will stick by me through out my life

time to time i always think back this mistake, i would say its never easy to move on from it;

because of it we changed so much

To the past self;

thanks for letting me grow so much out of it , without you there wouldn’t be  a courageous me here.

To the current self;

please forgive yourself for the mistake u have made last time, its all part go the growing process. Stop blaming yourself for being stupid



4 Ways To Release Stress

im finally back after having a long break OPS AHAHAH

but in this break, i definitely face loads of stress from exams, as well as relationship

so today I’m gonna share the WAYS I USED to release myself from all these stress!😬

1) Jogging 

I love to exercise a lot , to the extent i injure my own knee due to over excessive of sports as well as running. OPS haha

i feel that jogging allows me to vent all my anger out, especially when i run super fast (also known as springing) on the treadmill.

Approximately 12.5km/h 

The anger i own in my mind will be converted to tiredness after i stopped running, and magically i will just calm down , and think of solutions to solve the problems


 love running does not means i run away from my problems okie 🌚

2) Shopping therapy 


Even when you have no idea what to buy

just get out of the place, get to a random mall, roam around.

Since the shops are so updated to the trend, there definitely be new things awaits you to discover

discovering new things can distract oneself from thinking about the stressful event that is happening currently

its like being so amazed seeing new things in the store, making you very happy HAHAH

being happy is key point to release stress 😆

Therefore, its another way to release stress too 🌚👍🏽

3) Listening To Acoustic Music

this type if music is my favourite type of music to listen whenever I’m too tensed up.

Since its slow rhythm, it allows me to listen the singer’s clarity in singing

which allows me to appreciate the clarity more than usual i listen to rap songs HAHAHA

i even have a playlist of acoustic music

4) Sleeping


perhaps this is everyone’s favourite method🌚👍🏽

many times, the stress level shoot up due to lack of rest, therefore having a power nap is a great idea after all

napping also have their own type and cycle, allow this photo to do the explanation


i sincerely hope that all these little tips could help all the readers out there✌🏾

Back to Life

Life as a third party

there was once when i was shopping, one of my closest friend called me.

with a very emotional voice, asking me “can i talk to u for a moment..”

as a close friend of hers, i would be more gladly to help her.

so i agreed to be her listening ear

and i feel, whatever she said in that phone call, i wanna share to EVERYONE, to let people know that, as a third party, how much they suffer and let people know the true feeling of them

“sigh, i feel my life as a third party in their relationship, i feel so confused. At times, i feel i should leave but i cant bear to leave because i love him

but people are all commenting on us, saying that we aren’t the official couple, we shouldn’t be doing this behind the the girl.

i did mention to him that, we should let go but then he didn’t wan to let go too.

I feel GUILTY 

it hurts me so much when people call me slut, neither do i wanna be the third party too.

it hurts me when i see his wallpaper was him and his official girlfriend…. and he spends more time with her than me….

thats why i feel I’m nothing to him

sometimes its just the guy being greedy that he want two girls at once. but i cant do anything too….”

and i asked her  “why don’t you just try and let go because i cant bear to see you suffer so much”

her only reply with a very deep voice was “because i love him more than i love myself”

my purpose of writing this blog, is to raise awareness to human being insulting the third party in the relationship.

  1. WHO ARE YOU to even comment on it.
    its not your relationship, so just stfu
    you may always think they are destroying the relationship. but think clearly, its both sides fault in the relationship first, causing things to change.

    they are also humans, they feel guilty too. Some things aren’t as easy as how u think.
    its not easy to quit this relationship. Especially when feelings are attached

i hope this blog post, can help people more and stop the insulting , because all these have to come to a stop and learn to respect each other

Mental illness


i have even heard of friends telling me that they have some mental illness , that somehow  they are afraid of being inside a large group of friends

they feel that there are many human being surrounding them, thinking that they are the centre person of the group, they feel they are judging them 

like they will feel uncomfortable talking to them, or even being anxious in front of them. basically not being themselves at all 

thus they tend to keep QUIET  

not many people understand what they are facing, they call them rude, uneducated and many more hurtful names

such mental illness, they are actually very hard to cope with, because what we faces every single day are human beings and more human beings.

interactions between humans cant be avoided

perhaps society need to learn more about them, and try to understand them more by having a smaller group discussion with them, or other ways which can make them feel better 


Life as a student and blogger

I’m currently a full time student, studying for National exam aka N level((normal level)) paper.

in around 8 month time i will be taking the first paper, till October. Life is very stress as i have to absorb all the knowledge learnt for 4 years

however i have a passion in blogging as i wanna inspire people to be a better person.

and of course i use blogging to express myself better

as a blogger, its equally stressful too as i have to cope with the stats.

when it dropped i have to reflect on what i have done to cause the stats to have a huge decrease .

i spent my time wisely and accordingly so i wont waste any time at all.

to maximise my time to the max , not to waste any of it 

I’m glad that I’m able to balance the role as a student and blogger role.



Marathon of ups and down

life is full of ups and down, this also means we can’t avoid disappointment and moment of joy in life

however life is a marathon of it.

disappointment gives us lesson to learn from.

be it disappointment in studies, or relationship that didn’t work out. ITS all about the lesson learnt from there

moment of joy allow us to appreciate our happy moment more.

but all these little ups and down makes up our life, making our life complete.

as long as we appreciate the little thing in life, everything will be fine.

via-  Marathon

Thoughts about NUDES and ANIMAL ABUSE


todays topic might be bit sensitive to some people, if you feel that I’m saying something that i shouldn’t say, please comment in the “comment section”


we all know public image are very important (( especially to bloggers )) and we see some of the ex-boyfriend , just post their ex-girlfriend’s nude ONLINE

i feel that this isn’t respecting their public image, and by destroying their reputation, it might ruined their future too

seeking for approval is part of respect too. they broke up with you doesn’t mean you can DISRESPECT THEM by posting their nudes online.

i censored the name due to concerning her privacy

this is very injustice to girls, we trusted you so much end up all you do is destroy our public image


human being thinks that animal do not have feelings, but neither do they know that they feel the same way as us.

they left their family , and came to the human family, thinking that you would give them THE LOVE that they lost from their family. but end up? you guys just abuse them

one of the animal being abused no food, no water , nothing at all

feeling very injustice and thinks that all this should stop, because they came to YOUR family, to be cared and loved rather than being abused. they deserve equal respect and love.

i shall end my post here. Any comment just feel free to write at the bottom.


top 7 struggles that girl face

many girls faces loads of struggles, and guys always think that being girl is always easy

here are the TOP struggles we always faces



when our period comes, we have to face


feeling like this


our craving , mostly are fattening,for example, pizza, starbucks frappe, mcdonald and etc

but we have to control just in case our weight increased



we are to choose, whether to spent our money on clothing or food.

some clothing are always expensive , and some have to buy CERTAIN BRA to match the clothing


i once told my guy friends the bra types i have at home, he was confuse asf.

here are some of the bras we girls SURE HAVE

cage bra – in front is padded, but have creative pattern at the back of the bra

wired bra – typical bra that girls wear, below the padded area, it has thick bra wires which is painfully asf……myth saying that it support your breast but nah, it doesn’t

sports bra – wear to play sports, or even running. but i chose to wear it everyday because its not painful at all

strapless bra – wore to wear clothing that reveal shoulder area

and many more…..


and you be wondering, whats the difference … is it the quality…or just the price

and you decided to buy the one with higher price because you think the quality is better

((but in actual fact its the same quality))


GIRLS  just buy too much clothes, thinking that we would wear it …. but we just leave it there, rotting…and we still can’t find something to wear

we buy clothes when theres…….👇🏾


we all get excited when our favourite stall has the word “sales”

because the original price is fking expensive , so we buy and buy and buy until our closet explodes

without sales be like….👇🏾

13 struggles every blogger faces

oh gawddddd… i have been wanting to do this post ever since i have been a blogger.

i read and known some of the struggles before i started my job as a blogger, thinking that it was fake and untrue….UNTIL I BECAME ONE BLOGGER … then i understand what they are facing ……

1) we always runs out of content to write

oh gosh oh gosh… this is very true… I’m a freelance blogger who blogs about everything but still… I CANT THINK OF WHAT TO WRITE.

to the extent i had to go attend wordpress university course to get myself good content each day to write

2) running out of pictures for feature/ header photo

as a blogger, we don’t always go out, our life still have to be a tiny little bit of nutshell.

meaning at times we wont get to capture new nice photos, to put as header photo.

and we have to hunt for photos from unspalsh ((that isn’t our photo from our camera)) , put it as header photo

photo like this aren’t from me…….


3) bloggers life are 24/7 WORKING

when i wasn’t a blogger, i thought this was FAKE. YES F A K E …

thinking that a blogger’s job is freelance, own time own target

BUT NO, it isn’t.

the ideas comes to our brain anytime they want,whether its midnight or morning  

this will lead to the next point 👇🏾

4) when the idea comes in,we can’t get our hands off the keyboard

its a very natural thing that the hands keeps on typing and typing…

this explains why I’m always facing my computer…… causing my spectacle degree to increase gradually every month…

5) when ideas doesn’t flow in

we jus probe at our computer desk….for hours to think for ideas


6) people often thinks that our job is just writing RUBBISH

oh gosh, i can say 90% of the people thinks that way, thinking that writing is very easy… just write write write…AND POST

but neither do they know our final piece comes in with drafts drafts and many more drafts before its published……..


7) when our viewer goes down

wah this..MOST SADDEST THING ON EARTH….. and we wonder what have we done wrong to the viewers………


8) rushing for blog post 1 day before the deadline 

this is the nightmare as a blogger… seriously eh this…

panicking what to write before the deadline reaches

before the viewers disappears if we don’t publish on time

9) we sacrifice a lot of things

sleeping time, play time, bonding time and many more things

10) humans always ask us about our salary

“how much do u earn?” “stable or not your job” “isn’t it tough to earn for such small amount of salary”


i don’t work because of salary, but passion in the job, you can know more about it through here

11) we always carry our laptop around with us

no matter how heavy it is , we still carry it with us because we know ideas just comes in randomly and we just blog anywhere and anytime.

12) we have to maintain our public image

because we are public figures …… once your public image is gone… your reputation would be gone too…

13) we always think of what tittle to put

because people always read tittle before content.

ugly tittle= no people read

stressful…. isn’t it?