That one mistake

we always have that one mistake;

that made us grow, into a mature adult or even change to someone we don’t even know anymore

i made that mistake already, sad to say it cant be undone anymore.

i changed to someone people don’t recognise anymore.

i used to be selfish, innocent and immature.

after all these i went through, i realise how cruel this world is.

i no longer cared as much;

because i know not everyone will do the same back as me , not everyone will care about me

i lost countless friends just to let myself grow

all these are jus process growing up, i fought with them due to minor matters and didn’t bother to patch things up

thats indeed childish act , but allowed me to turn to a mature person after all.

its all part of the process , I’m used to it already

theres definitely more that i went through but this two are the ones that will stick by me through out my life

time to time i always think back this mistake, i would say its never easy to move on from it;

because of it we changed so much

To the past self;

thanks for letting me grow so much out of it , without you there wouldn’t be  a courageous me here.

To the current self;

please forgive yourself for the mistake u have made last time, its all part go the growing process. Stop blaming yourself for being stupid