4 Ways To Release Stress

im finally back after having a long break OPS AHAHAH

but in this break, i definitely face loads of stress from exams, as well as relationship

so today I’m gonna share the WAYS I USED to release myself from all these stress!😬

1) Jogging 

I love to exercise a lot , to the extent i injure my own knee due to over excessive of sports as well as running. OPS haha

i feel that jogging allows me to vent all my anger out, especially when i run super fast (also known as springing) on the treadmill.

Approximately 12.5km/h 

The anger i own in my mind will be converted to tiredness after i stopped running, and magically i will just calm down , and think of solutions to solve the problems


 love running does not means i run away from my problems okie 🌚

2) Shopping therapy 


Even when you have no idea what to buy

just get out of the place, get to a random mall, roam around.

Since the shops are so updated to the trend, there definitely be new things awaits you to discover

discovering new things can distract oneself from thinking about the stressful event that is happening currently

its like being so amazed seeing new things in the store, making you very happy HAHAH

being happy is key point to release stress 😆

Therefore, its another way to release stress too 🌚👍🏽

3) Listening To Acoustic Music

this type if music is my favourite type of music to listen whenever I’m too tensed up.

Since its slow rhythm, it allows me to listen the singer’s clarity in singing

which allows me to appreciate the clarity more than usual i listen to rap songs HAHAHA

i even have a playlist of acoustic music

4) Sleeping


perhaps this is everyone’s favourite method🌚👍🏽

many times, the stress level shoot up due to lack of rest, therefore having a power nap is a great idea after all

napping also have their own type and cycle, allow this photo to do the explanation


i sincerely hope that all these little tips could help all the readers out there✌🏾

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