Life as a third party

there was once when i was shopping, one of my closest friend called me.

with a very emotional voice, asking me “can i talk to u for a moment..”

as a close friend of hers, i would be more gladly to help her.

so i agreed to be her listening ear

and i feel, whatever she said in that phone call, i wanna share to EVERYONE, to let people know that, as a third party, how much they suffer and let people know the true feeling of them

“sigh, i feel my life as a third party in their relationship, i feel so confused. At times, i feel i should leave but i cant bear to leave because i love him

but people are all commenting on us, saying that we aren’t the official couple, we shouldn’t be doing this behind the the girl.

i did mention to him that, we should let go but then he didn’t wan to let go too.

I feel GUILTY 

it hurts me so much when people call me slut, neither do i wanna be the third party too.

it hurts me when i see his wallpaper was him and his official girlfriend…. and he spends more time with her than me….

thats why i feel I’m nothing to him

sometimes its just the guy being greedy that he want two girls at once. but i cant do anything too….”

and i asked her¬† “why don’t you just try and let go because i cant bear to see you suffer so much”

her only reply with a very deep voice was “because i love him more than i love myself”

my purpose of writing this blog, is to raise awareness to human being insulting the third party in the relationship.

  1. WHO ARE YOU to even comment on it.
    its not your relationship, so just stfu
    you may always think they are destroying the relationship. but think clearly, its both sides fault in the relationship first, causing things to change.

    they are also humans, they feel guilty too. Some things aren’t as easy as how u think.
    its not easy to quit this relationship. Especially when feelings are attached

i hope this blog post, can help people more and stop the insulting , because all these have to come to a stop and learn to respect each other