is being famous good?

as a blogger, we are famous in a sense, but is it good to be famous?

i mean, being famous is good as people get to recognise you as something , get to take photos with you , eventually you will become a so called influencer in their life

but are all this good?

some times i feel

we cant have our own privacy, whatever we are doing, we are always being supervised.

we have to be a role model in a public, if we do some wrong things, people will talk shit about it and your reputation would be gone.

we have to be very careful in what we do

we have to be friendly so people will say nice things about you

but overall i think, all these aren’t a bad thing.

its more of like maintaining image and good impression which is kinda okay with me AHAH

-cheers to all bloggers out therešŸ¤“

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