Life as a student and blogger

I’m currently a full time student, studying for National exam aka N level((normal level)) paper.

in around 8 month time i will be taking the first paper, till October. Life is very stress as i have to absorb all the knowledge learnt for 4 years

however i have a passion in blogging as i wanna inspire people to be a better person.

and of course i use blogging to express myself better

as a blogger, its equally stressful too as i have to cope with the stats.

when it dropped i have to reflect on what i have done to cause the stats to have a huge decrease .

i spent my time wisely and accordingly so i wont waste any time at all.

to maximise my time to the max , not to waste any of it 

I’m glad that I’m able to balance the role as a student and blogger role.




One thought on “Life as a student and blogger

  1. I have to balance between school life and blogging too. Blogging actually helps me deal with some of the stress found in college. I didn’t even want to start a blog, but after much convincing by family and church friends, I started my blog and I became hooked right after I posted my first post


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