how specific do i have to be?

when we voice out our opinions, we are hesitant to be as specific as ever as we are afraid that we will hurt their feelings.

but if we don’t be specific enough, human being will say we aren’t being real to them, by hiding things from them.

but the truth is , if we are being too specific in those opinions, details and stuff, they will get angry as some of the words aren’t what they want to be heard!

at the end of the day, we ask them “how specific do i have to be?”

and all they answer is

“as specific as ever”

and the cycle of hurt, anger starts from there when we follow what they answer, as detailed as it can be.

but being a real person aren’t easy as we are always getting judge by other people saying that we are too cruel to them.

so… the best is to just stay low profile, answer what SHOULD be answer and life will be fine i suppose

via Specific


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