To do or not?

we are always very TEMPTED to do somethings, perhaps things that are illegal? or things we don’t dare to commit, causing this “tempted” to become a “hesitant” attitude.

in the past before i smoke, i was very tempted to do it, i always ask myself.

“should i do it,its illegal….”

but in the end, the tempt take power of me, and i still do it.

i have already quitted smoking, however at times i will still be VERY TEMPTED to smoke again.

but i know i should stop it, so i didn’t continue those bad habits.

same goes for the other people , they are always very tempted to do the things that are bad for them, things that are harmful to them.

But oh wells, i don’t have the rights to stop them from doing it, but all i can say is

“before you do it, think of the consequence.”

thats all i can say as a blogger, don’t do things that you will regret



One thought on “To do or not?

  1. There are always struggles. For some more than others. Sometimes it helps to take that extra pause to surmout your emotional response with your brain,


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