Thoughts about NUDES and ANIMAL ABUSE


todays topic might be bit sensitive to some people, if you feel that I’m saying something that i shouldn’t say, please comment in the “comment section”


we all know public image are very important (( especially to bloggers )) and we see some of the ex-boyfriend , just post their ex-girlfriend’s nude ONLINE

i feel that this isn’t respecting their public image, and by destroying their reputation, it might ruined their future too

seeking for approval is part of respect too. they broke up with you doesn’t mean you can DISRESPECT THEM by posting their nudes online.

i censored the name due to concerning her privacy

this is very injustice to girls, we trusted you so much end up all you do is destroy our public image


human being thinks that animal do not have feelings, but neither do they know that they feel the same way as us.

they left their family , and came to the human family, thinking that you would give them THE LOVE that they lost from their family. but end up? you guys just abuse them

one of the animal being abused no food, no water , nothing at all

feeling very injustice and thinks that all this should stop, because they came to YOUR family, to be cared and loved rather than being abused. they deserve equal respect and love.

i shall end my post here. Any comment just feel free to write at the bottom.



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