all my letters that my friends had given me, including small little cards, i keep them in a zip lock bag ((zip lock bag save space )).

i don’t throw away them, because they are the memories that made my life better.

whenever I’m feeling low, i would read them, to remember that I’m not alone , i still have my friends around me, who stand by me to get through the tough times

reading those little letters, card eventually will bring me back to those times, happy moments of me receiving these little written gifts.

some of the letters were from my ex- best friend, reading back their letter made me miss those little friendship that we use to have, at times making me wonder why i lost them in my life.

but life still have to go on, people comes and go.

everyone comes into our life for a reason, a lesson.

its up to god whether they stay or leave after they have done their part, teaching us a lesson.

to sum up this post,

letters and cards really mean a lot to me, they are part of my life, great memories with awesome smiles


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