13 struggles every blogger faces

oh gawddddd… i have been wanting to do this post ever since i have been a blogger.

i read and known some of the struggles before i started my job as a blogger, thinking that it was fake and untrue….UNTIL I BECAME ONE BLOGGER … then i understand what they are facing ……

1) we always runs out of content to write

oh gosh oh gosh… this is very true… I’m a freelance blogger who blogs about everything but still… I CANT THINK OF WHAT TO WRITE.

to the extent i had to go attend wordpress university course to get myself good content each day to write

2) running out of pictures for feature/ header photo

as a blogger, we don’t always go out, our life still have to be a tiny little bit of nutshell.

meaning at times we wont get to capture new nice photos, to put as header photo.

and we have to hunt for photos from unspalsh ((that isn’t our photo from our camera)) , put it as header photo

photo like this aren’t from me…….


3) bloggers life are 24/7 WORKING

when i wasn’t a blogger, i thought this was FAKE. YES F A K E …

thinking that a blogger’s job is freelance, own time own target

BUT NO, it isn’t.

the ideas comes to our brain anytime they want,whether its midnight or morning  

this will lead to the next point 👇🏾

4) when the idea comes in,we can’t get our hands off the keyboard

its a very natural thing that the hands keeps on typing and typing…

this explains why I’m always facing my computer…… causing my spectacle degree to increase gradually every month…

5) when ideas doesn’t flow in

we jus probe at our computer desk….for hours to think for ideas


6) people often thinks that our job is just writing RUBBISH

oh gosh, i can say 90% of the people thinks that way, thinking that writing is very easy… just write write write…AND POST

but neither do they know our final piece comes in with drafts drafts and many more drafts before its published……..


7) when our viewer goes down

wah this..MOST SADDEST THING ON EARTH….. and we wonder what have we done wrong to the viewers………


8) rushing for blog post 1 day before the deadline 

this is the nightmare as a blogger… seriously eh this…

panicking what to write before the deadline reaches

before the viewers disappears if we don’t publish on time

9) we sacrifice a lot of things

sleeping time, play time, bonding time and many more things

10) humans always ask us about our salary

“how much do u earn?” “stable or not your job” “isn’t it tough to earn for such small amount of salary”


i don’t work because of salary, but passion in the job, you can know more about it through here

11) we always carry our laptop around with us

no matter how heavy it is , we still carry it with us because we know ideas just comes in randomly and we just blog anywhere and anytime.

12) we have to maintain our public image

because we are public figures …… once your public image is gone… your reputation would be gone too…

13) we always think of what tittle to put

because people always read tittle before content.

ugly tittle= no people read

stressful…. isn’t it?



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