That one particular day

that one particular day, changed my life

still remembering last year, i received a bursary award due to my exemplary results.

Felt so happy at time time, as it was the first time i received a bursary award.

that award changed me a lot , i felt like I’m able to cope with the studies already, thus i didn’t work hard at all this year, failing terribly for my exams.

the day where i received my result, it was so damn bad, i failed terribly for my best subject, additional math and physics.

i felt so bad , i use to get at least a B4 grade, and now I’m getting a F9? it had gotten me so broken . But i didn’t gave up, i worked harder , came back stronger and eventually gotten A2 for the subject

the day where i received the text “i like you too”, changed my life so much.

i feel like finally i have found someone who is willing to accept my everything,

someone whom is gonna love me for who i am, a rush of happiness came up

but the day came by,the day i always wish it will not arrive, whereas i received a text

“this isn’t working out, lets break up. thanks for everything”.

that broke me up so much. i felt like the world is gonna end, everything is falling apart

however,i took a break for myself , picked up new hobby and finally learnt to let go of him


we always have that one particular day whereas it can change our life so much, in terms of mood, relationship and many more things that can be affected.

however, this isn’t the end of the world yet, we still can make changes. 

don’t ever give up no matter what.




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