having an enthusiasm heart or just putting in the right amount of effort?

well, i do believe that an enthusiasm’s effort do get paid off.

if we have the enthusiasm heart to do things, the final outcome would be different too. 

we will see a major difference between an enthusiasm attitude and having a “just right effort”.

having an enthusiastic heart, even if you fail that task, at least you know you have done your very best, wont be guilty of feeling guilty of failing the task.

we still feel satisfactory of putting in our very best

if we put in just the amount of effort to complete the task, and we failed the task. We will feel very guilty that we didn’t try our best AT ALL.

BECAUSE we only put in the effort just to complete that task, aren’t putting in our best at all.

at the end of the day, an enthusiasm heart will be fully rewarded with the best things.

while on the opposite side, its full of guilt and “i regret not putting in my best”

taking math as an example,

being enthusiastic in math is like practicing the topic for every single day, to sharpen your math skills from “just known” to “perfect”.

however,  putting in only the right amount of effort means you just complete the homework given by lecturer, and BAM, you are done for the day.

i know i will slack off at somedays, but i remind myself,

I’m doing this for my future, do your best now with your enthusiastic heart and you will be rewarded with the best result and the course you wanna study.

i know i will regret if i do not study hard,getting bad result, ending up going home with guilt and sadness knowing i could have done better , with all my best

so do you keep your enthusiasm heart going? drop your responses in the comment section below!

via- Enthusiasm


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