False hope

we all have that one particular friend, who refuse to accept reality, believing all those false hope.

we all have believed in false chances and hope.

its all because of us , not being strong enough to accept the harsh reality, and truth.

the reality is too harsh for us to accept and move on. thus we have all those false hope and chances laying around in this world

but whats the point of running away from reality. 

we must still face it.

we must know how cruel reality is in order to grow.

some times, things wont work in your way.

because life is like a roller coaster, happy moments and sad moments are there. we can’t avoid this fact.

The fact that we can’t accept the reality and the truth is true.

may we all be strong enough to accept the reality and truth, and face life bravely 

god bless.

via – False



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