passion or fortune?

would you choose passion, or fortune?

would you choose to work the job you would love to do a lot, but monthly income is lower than a job of a financial consultant, which income is higher.

different people gives different answer for such question, but i would say, i rather choose the job that i really has passion in it.

i always wanted to be an army personnel, its something that i really has passion in it.

because i came from a UG( uniform group) background, thus i had a really strong passion in UG and my goal is to sign on to be full time personnel in the future

I’m from a NCD group! spot me if u can hehe

when i say i have strong passion in army, eventually all they say is

“it won’t earn much, why choose this tough path?the training are like hell. there are better job outside.”

however, if i work in the job, which has higher income than full time army personnel, i know i wont stay very long in the job.

BECAUSE it isn’t something that I’m interested.

working in some job that completely doesn’t has passion in it, seriously is like hell.

reporting to the work place is like hell, doing something that i dislike

looking at the boss scolding me for not doing my job well.

staring at the monthly income , with a “sigh, this job isn’t what I like, i hate this job😞”


thus i rather choose something that i really like a lot, even though the income is much more lesser , but at least i will put in all my best, do it with my passionate heart i own.

this is the reason why i wont choose fortune over passion.

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