virtual coffee date

i have always been wanting a coffee date with my ex, to catch up things as a friend status, to say anything that is left unsaid before shits happened

just in case you(( my ex)) is reading this, this are really true words towards you, don’t suspect that these are lies please

if we were having coffee right now…

things will be very awkward in the first place,due to us not seeing each other for 3 months, knowing many things happened between us, which caused to have such a huge gap between us.

of course i know many things happened between us, many ups and downs but i suppose that wouldn’t stops us from being friends

perhaps you may be reading this right now, thinking I’m still having feeling towards you, but nah, you are wrong.

I just don’t wanna miss out such an awesome friend of mine

if we were having coffee right now…

i would tell you many things that are left unsaid before we broke up.

and i shall say it now

thanks for everything you have done for me, being there for me most of the time, being my listening ear

i don’t regret being with you despite those quarrels that we have, i still enjoy the time being with you

if we were having coffee right now…

i would honestly tell you,

without your existence in my life, i would still be trapped in the artificial side of myself.

i changed to a person whereas it wasn’t me at all, i changed because of my first ex, thinking after i changed for him he would come back

but BAM, this is reality. things didn’t work out that way, i hated myself, so i CHOSE the most ugly spectacle frame, became boyish , didn’t even bother to look at my appearance

willing to just do anything that would make myself be ugly and unattractive making sure that i won’t get attached and be hurt again

BUT YOU, who came into my life, accept for who i am, and make me go back to who i really am.

during those times when both of us changed towards each other in the relationship , i knew we were going weak,i tried to salvage it but i guess it didn’t work that well

everything happened for a reason, those breakup , taught me life lessons, that is going to stay with me forever.

facts that i wanna tell you 

i don’t regret meeting, dating with you , making card , giving gifts to you.

All those were worth it because you were what i wanted at that time.

because you treated me well, make out time for me, do everything just for me, and i think all those gifts that i gave you, can’t be compared at all

i won’t regret at all for having you as my ex, you were really worth all my entire time and efforts

if we were having coffee right now…

i would say all those words , and be friends again, be pokemon buddy , having good cca talks together , do many more things.

but i suppose that aren’t gonna happen yeah

i hope you are doing well now, treating your girl right , love her for who she is.

all my blessing to you , wishing you all the best for your future endeavour.





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