it could be our mood or the weather being moody .

lets talk about the mood since the moody weather can be explained through science.

letting our mood to be moody

it allows us to be sad, gloomy. There are many reason why our mood can be moody, perhaps over relationships, work life, or many other reasons.

it could also be negative thoughts that drag our mood down.

however, why do we allow ourselves to be moody whereas we can have a positive side of the thoughts, everything happens for a reason, everything always have their positive side, think positive and your mood will be fine.

surround yourself with positive people, so that they will help you get through the tough times, and stay positive, let you be better

personal experience 

i used to be a very negative thinker person, but after i surround myself with positive thinking friends, i learnt to be so much positive, much more happier and my mind became more wiser

of course I’m still a human, would still think negatively at times, but i have my friends with me, guiding me with positive vibes.

sooner or later, i became a positive thinker person to the extent some times my friends even come to me for advices to help them.

how do i have a positive thinking?

surround yourself with people who thinks positively and able to guide you

these people will be able influence you with their positive vibes, so that your mind won’t be overwhelmed by those negative thinking

i don’t listen to sad songs 

to me, listening to sad songs will bring me back to sad memories , thus my mood will be affected too. the music i listen are almost all remix songs and very hyped songs

doing healthy things, with healthy lifestyle

when I’m off my blogging times, i will be meeting up with my friends, having a good chat and catch up about life.

before i was diagnose with PFPS , i used to go gym or outdoor running to keep myself fit and healthy.

To me, Living life with much more positive mind has improved my thinking a lot.

wiser and happier.

shall end my post here , see you tomorrow!

via Daily Prompt: Moody


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