Illumi Run

i went to illumi run yesterday, shall describe how is the surrounding there then.


honestly saying the pre run party wasn’t that nice after all . i was far away from the stage so i couldn’t notice if theres DJ on stage or not ((since they can just let the music play itself freely without DJ)).

we waited quite a time before we could enter the starting line due to the few waves that they have for flag off.

humans there were crazy, pushing, squeezing each other.

as you can see the amount of humans there……….while waiting to get to start line

while waiting for our flag off, there was DJ there , but it was only loud enough to let the people at the starting line to hear it . people behind the starting line, can barely hear anything , thus wasn’t hyped at all


i was quite disappointed with this year run,the illumi zone wasn’t that fun anymore. i went for last year’s illumi run, the illumi zone was way bigger, and much more for us to illuminate ourselves due to the floor was all the GEL((which enable us to roll on the floor and have crazy moment))

rather than this year, its the illuminator((crew)) shooting us with illumi gel.

there wasn’t much music too during the run.

as compared to last year’s, music was way louder than usual.


OKIES. THIS WAS THE TIME WHERE THE FUN COMES IN. the after party was really really crazy. i manage to grab a spot in FIRST ROW for myself and my friend.

thus this photo was taken

that photo was taken during RAVE REPUBLIC went on stage.

there was also DJ COOKIE , DJ TINC 

my fav was DJ COOKIE and RAVE REPUBLIC. their beat and music was the best thing on earth💖


middle–  this is only to be stand if you wanna get splash by the gel very badly. apparently they always aim the people in the middle and the illumi cannon was also at the middle too. AHAHA

Left to Right side– not much will be splashed as they always aim people in the middle of the crowd.

would suggest people wearing spectacle , not to stand in the middle and don’t let the gel to stain on your spectacle . ONCE the gel is stained on your spectacle,you will be required to use clean water to clean it.

Sad thing is, there won’t be plain water during the party. So if its stained, good luck then, what you will see is foggy surrounding HAAH


always go early to enter and wait for starting line 

if you enter the starting line early, it also means you get to start the run earlier

which also means you get to end the run earlier and party even more longer

always close your eyes when the gel is sprayed

sad to say the illuminator can’t see where your eyes are due to the dark surrounding and the huge crowd so they will randomly spray the gel

if the gel is in your eyes, IT WILL STING AND HURT ALOT until tears comes out. eventually after the tears are out, the pain will be gone too.

BUT IT WILL TAKE SOME TIME FOR THE TEARS TO COME OUT((which also means you will have to suffer for a while first which is quite unbearable))

If the gel is in your eye

if you have no tissue to clean;

don’t panic if its a little, let it sting abit and allow the tears to come out, it will be fine after a while.

if its a lot, IMMEDIATELY notify the crew , they will clean you with plain water

If you have tissue;

hurry up wipe off the gel on your surrounding eye and close your eyes awhile.

if the gel is stained on your spectacle 

DO NOT USE YOUR ILLUMI RUN SHIRT TO WIPE IT OFF( just in case you think you can salvage your spects by doing that), if you do that, it will make it worse.

the shirt is stained with gel too. gel+gel= more foggy sight…. worst thing ever

use something that isn’t stained to clean it

use your finger that isn’t stained with gel, just wipe it off, at least it won’t be as foggy as you use your shirt to wipe

after its over, go toilet and wash your spectacle. and trust me you will see things in a brand new world, cause its extra clear AHAHAHA

most likely you will go 😍✨

bring extra clothing

since its in gel from, most likely you will be disgusted after its dried on your body. It will be in very sticky form, if stained on hair, it will be as dry as tree skin.

so its the best to change your clothing after the event ends.

clean your body to dry form before you enter the cab

no cab would want to accept a person who is so gel-ish, dirtying their car. not much explanation needed here i suppose.

shall end my post here, any enquires about this run, drop a comment or email me;



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