A letter to the future DaisyxLavender

currently its 16 december 2016 3:57am, a 15 year old diasyxlavender writing this letter to you.

of course i know if i wrote this in physical form , you wouldn’t bother to read it and might even lose the letter, so i decided to write this letter here.

the 15 year old you, currently under WordPress University course, finishing soon, but still struggling to finish the entire course due to lack of determination.

this are some few important things i wanna let you know,

to the future me, when you read this, you should be enjoying your life now as a full time blogger, or as a military soldier. Doing what you really love with loads of passion

you must have gone through many ups and down in life, and when you read this, you are crying deep in your heart. But don’t worry, just let your emotions out, don’t be afraid to cry, but just remember, to always forget the past, move on and become stronger

always remember to forgive and forget, allow your inner self to be as beautiful as always, don’t ever hold grudges. people deserve a second chance in life, forgive and forget what bad things they have done to you

give them the second chance they deserve, allow them to take time and repent.

In whatever you do, i hope you will do it with happiness , always hold the grateful heart that you have, be kind to people, be understanding

always remember that everything happens for a reason, be it good or bad, i believe god has their own plans for us, trust god’s guidance and you will never get lost.

Trust your own instinct and you will never go wrong.

not gonna write long because i know you are a lazy ass who hates reading but loves writing and doesn’t double check your composition after writing. And ending up getting with just a border line pass.

shall end here, all the best to the adult version of DAISYxLAVENDER



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