its not about visibility, but feelings

Why do we close our eyes when we pray,cry, kiss or dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart.

if this is difficult to understand, allow me to explain then.

Not everything that can be seen, are always beautiful.  its not about visibility, but feelings.

Taking relationship as an example. They seems to be perfect on the surface, looking so well. But they might just be acting out, in fact they could have lose feelings , feeling numb for each other

not everything we see on the surface are the real side of everything, whats real are the feeling hidden inside our heart.

through feelings then we could know, whether its real or fake, true beauty or fake beauty with inches of makeup

don’t be afraid of the dark when you close your eyes, the most beautiful things will happen when you close it

when you pray sincerely to god, its the most beautiful thing

when you cry it means letting your emotions out, getting stronger again after that, thats the true beauty of a person, being stronger once again after each fight

when you kiss, you close your eyes because you know,  you are able to feel the love given by the other party, love is indeed the most beautiful thing on earth

when we dream, we are brought to a fantasy land, to stay till we wake up in reality world , some dreams are bad, and some are good, but if we aren’t willing to close our eyes, it only means we aren’t giving ourselves the chance to explore, and good things will be missed out.

So don’t be afraid to close your eyes, and feel the right feelings, sometimes letting go of certain matters might be a good news too.

till next time,



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