One Snap Could Change Everything

it could also means snapping the ties of friendship, family ties

but not all snaps are bad,

it could also mean snapping a photo, snapping the memories created, looking back those memories, making us smile a little or perhaps, a lot

snapping some friendship ties away, aren’t a bad thing either. if we don’t snap away the ties, how are we gonna grow up, make new friends and learn new life lesson?

at times when relationship feelings started to fade away, to the extent that we can’t be ourselves anymore, the only way is to snap away the ties between each other, go on separate route and restart our lives again, start to become ourselves again

if we don’t cut away the ties, how are we gonna find someone better for us? how are we gonna be more socialise?

i believe everything happened for a reason, each ties we made, comes with a reason and lesson. Its all arranged by god, I’m sure god’s arrangement for us, is at its very best

via- Snap


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