I Was Here- 13 dec 2016

i arrived here , first person to arrive here. Sad to say, I’m alone.

being alone on a deserted planet was kinda fun, being able to jump around, have fun and explore new things, this is a very special place, with nice scenery, photogenic place as what you seen on the photo

if I’m not wrong this planet is a place  where its always winter season, and tree tends to grow itself through the special features here.

this is a very special planet, very worthy to travel here.

you guys can spent a while here for a rest, take some photos , after that go on and explore other places.

i’m here for a rest, will be travelling around to other planets to explore and have fun, this is just one of them that i travelled.

when you have read this note, i have already left here and went to other places to have fun, hope we can meet each in other planets.

please don’t throw away this note , leave it where you have picked up so that others can read it

enjoy your trip here! xoxo

-peiying aka daisyxlavender 

I Was Here


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