we always regret for the things we have done, the things that made us disappointed in life.

shall share the things i have done to make myself regret

acting impulsively

yes, at times i would act impulsive , do the things i shouldn’t have done, somethings like..

Scolding people without clarifying the real reason,causing some friendship to break off, making myself disappointed, thinking again and again why did i did those actions

Buying some things , thinking i would need it for a use but ended up piling up like rubbish in my room, wasting loads of money , hard earn money

not studying hard 

regretted not studying for my end year paper, i know i could have done better , but at that time all i could care is only my own emotion and my problem. i couldn’t sort my feelings out and couldn’t focus on my paper at all.

each time i came out of the exam hall, it was filled it “fail already this time” “wah paper very hard sia”

whereas people are saying paper was very easy . indeed , now i looked back at my exam paper, those question was indeed crazily easy, but sadly i could still fail the paper

below is my result for my end year paper, the most recent exam i took ((taken me lots of courage to post this up tho))

terribly and horribly done



okie…. PLS DONT SCOLD ME AND STUFF AHAH i know I’m a underage smoker . oh sorry, ex smoker. I’m already quitting now, 28th days not smoking alr

i know this is very cliche but, smoking is really very harmful for your health, of course if you are a smoker and reading this NOW , you couldn’t care anymore because all you think now is “smoking can let me get off reality for a moment”

i admit this , smoking indeed can allow people to get off reality, including me. i do understand that behind every stick, theres a different story.

however smoking has bring great disadvantages, prolly like , stamina dropping, post gym result wasn’t that effective anymore , skin colour changes and many more la basically

during the quitting period, those withdrawals were crazy, like huge body temperature drop((weather was 27-30 degree and i complained cold , wearing thick jacket)), coughing non stop all along, insomnia for weeks,losing appetite,and many more crazy shit. will share about that soon

neglecting friends around me

i know la i very bad… neglect friends around me…

i use to neglect one friend, mitchell … to be very honest i shouldn’t neglect her, because she’s really a good friend of mine, really a person who accepts my everything, be it I’m a disabled person, a lame joker, a bad one, she still accepts me

lucky enough i was able to retrieve this friendship back and yay we jus had a outing recently!!

heres a pic of us recently!!


and yeah! these are the few things i did that i really regretted a lot, but life still has to go on , no point regretting too, learn from it and make oneself a better person





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