6 Things I’ve Learned In Life;

Though I’m only like, 15 year old, but there are really countless matters that i have learned in life, this 6 things are some of the more significant ones šŸŒš

this 6 matters that i learned, have groomed me to a more mature human being, and of course, a better person

1)to be more understandingĀ 

my friends may gives you unnecessary conflictĀ , like arguing where to eat, being late for meet ups, their late can be 30min and above.

giving me reasons to cover up why they are late like

“oh i was bathing” “i woke up late” “i took a nap” and many more reasons that people call it excuses.

to me this aren’t excuses , I’m sure people have their own reason for everything that they do. perhaps they have something cropped up, that they don’t wanna share it out, and using the typical reason that people call it “EXCUSES” to cover up?

but i don’t argue with them, i think in their position, what if those reason are really real?and me being angry at them, causing unwanted fights, conflicts that may strain the friendship or relationship.

just learn to be more understanding, and conflicts will be avoidedšŸ˜€

oh and by being more understanding has allowed me get rid of my hot tempered

2)being more mature

BY being more mature means thinking wise and acting wise. don’t ever do things in impulse. do things calmly.

before everything you do, think of the consequence, don’t do something that you will regret. this is somehow have wireless link to point 1.

being able to think for the other party, standing in their shoes, not blaming them but understanding the situation, solve the problem and save the relationshipšŸ¤“

3)to be more independentĀ 

being independent is very important, not every one you know can be reliable, NCDCC is a good platform for me to be independent, be stronger mentally and physically.

being independent meaning to be able to do things without any body’s help

4)being responsible

in everything we do, we must be responsible for it be it whether it serve a great consequence or not ((yes reality is this cruel)) , admit what you have done

if we do not, people will state us as irresponsible, immature and many more unpleasant word form.

lets jus take shotgun pregnancy as an example, some guys would take responsible for it, admitting that indeed he did shotgun that girl, and admit everything that he has done

but some guys just deny and says “oh i didn’t even touch her, how can she be pregnant?” and escaping reality world, escaping the consequence

yes he did manage to escape, but did he spare a thought for that girl? won’t she be having a child who has a irresponsible Ā father, who ran away rather than taking care both of them.

some girls even abort the child due to the guy didn’t wanted to take responsible for it, causing one innocent life to be gone.

of course we would scold the one who didn’t take responsible, and leave him a very bad impression.

this is the reason why being responsible is very important in life, being more responsible means being more mature in life and mindset šŸ˜€

5) learning not to judge

who are we to judge? we are all imperfect human being, no rights to judge at all.

we all have our own flaws. we are all different from each other, being different doesn’t mean you can judge their difference in compared with you.

we are still living in the same dimension, having same feature as human being.

judging is a sin by the way.

6)being more humble

so what if you are better in terms of financial,looks and many more features but being arrogant? being arrogant allows people to feel that your inner side is very ugly

no matter how successful you are, never be arrogant , without your own true self, would you even succeed? not saying you can’t be successful, but do it with meaning and with your true self, never ever lose yourself because of arrogance.

so these are the 6 things that i had learnt, what are ur 6 points you learnt? share with me via peiying20@gmail.com !








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