Life With Disabilities;

what disabilities do i have? wasn’t i a runner?👟

few days ago i was diagnosed with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS), which my bone actually went out of form,my X-ray shows every single shit.

yes i WAS a runner, its all because i ran too much out of a sudden, causing the knee to be dislocated, out of form

can PFPS patient still walk normally? what kind of sufferings do they have?

typically PFPS patient, can still walk normally, but it depends on how serious the condition is.

Number of symptoms including;

pain in medial meniscus, swelling at the side knee every time after running or any form of exercise, tenderness along the knee, difficulty in moving the knee and many more

sufferings, we suffer a lot due to the symptoms. at times we feel unbearable and stuff, but we still got to hang on.

as for me , my right leg, the bone had shifted out a lot, causing me not to being able to walk properly, right leg has to be bended slightly inwards in order to walk

both of my knees bone have shifted out, jus that the left leg isn’t as serious as the right leg. My right leg not only had bone problems but also nerve problems.

doctor tested my nerves on my right leg MANUALLY, sad to say i failed very badly . i even cried😭 in the test because it was very unbearable.

what is actually PFPS?

its a part of the knee that you used for running , AKA runners knee

PFPS is a thing which caused you knee of the part bone to be dislocated.

how have your life changed ever since you have PFPS?

damn.. many things changed, having this as a disabilities.. is challenging physically and mentally. Ever since i had PFPS, my walking style changed a lot, because of this i got judged by LOTS of people((including by my own parents)), i started to see people leaving me because they don’t wanna take care of me just because I’m a burden to them and many more

i have people mocking at me because i uses a crutch, saying I’m a attention seeker, “people suffer same thing as u also never use crutch but u uses it, damn lol wei”, saying i use crutch to ask for sympathy. LOOK, i don’t need your sympathy. learn to respect us. not insulting us.

even my own parents laugh at my disabilities, didn’t want to bring me out because they think I’m a burden to them, even thought that my crutch will bring them disgrace and thinking that i use crutch just because i wanna blog, thinking i use all this to seek attention.

they don’t respect me and my body, what can i even do, lols

of course, as for my friends, they are more supporting and willing to take care of me, a very opposite ver of my parents, they told me “no matter what happens, we will take care of u”

its not easy to live life with a disability, its very challenging , people always think, aiyah easy la jus give ways to them can already.

but the truth is, it isn’t so easy as how people thinks, we always face difficulties in daily activities, simple things like walking, bathing, travelling out of our house and many more. At times, we see people leaving us because we are a burden to them.

its sad to see them leave but at least it let us know their true faces.

how do you cope with all this? be it physical movement and mental challenge?

thank god i have few true friends around me , who really cares about me constantly, who really takes good care of me making sure I’m okie for 24/7

as for physical movement, i use my crutch for the time being because i hasn’t adapt to the knee braces I’m having on currently. Crutch isn’t a easy thing to use too, hurts my upper body a lot.((especially my armpits))

 knee braces easy to wear?

its a very tight device that holds your knee, not easy as it causes a lot of bruises and marking after i take it off. Lucky I only had to wear it during the day until the time I’m gonna sleep, i take it off when I’m sleeping

it also has lots of thick rubber chain inside, making me very difficult to move

personal words from me

don’t worry if you are suffering a disability, stay strong and fight on with it.

you are who you are, don’t let other people’s words change you, be it whether they insult, jus continue to be yourself, your body is more important than those words.

do whats the best for your body, we may suffer the same thing but we might need different help, just because we need different help doesn’t mean anything

to people who don’t know about me and still looking down on me, i am still the same as normal human being. its just that i need help and in a different form of help.

PLEASE don’t look down , or mock at us disability people, we are all facing difficulties in life, all we need is moral supports from friends and family((perhaps not my family))

last but not least, TO ALL DISABILITY PEOPLE,don’t be afraid that you will bring disgrace, just be yourself, there will surely be true friends who will stand by you and support you

it takes me a lot to stay strong, if i can do it, so do you!

le support from me





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