revamped ver of introduction


Once again, i shall reintroduce my self, I’m peiying, a girl who forgive and forget🙊((aka @daisyxlavender)), and a very sociable girl🤓. I can’t stay quiet, very talkative and funny girl, people who go out with me will know about this AHAH 🙈 people who read my previous blog will actually know my leg currently is having a condition, and in need of a crutch asap.((since i can’t walk properly))

I’m also a lacto-ovo vegetarian girl, seldom see this uh? hahah. some people mind about this fact, some don’t. well, I’m born to be one vegetarian, if they don’t like it, i can’t do anything too, at least I’m being real and being myself.

is being a vegetarian a hassle?

i have to be honest,sometimes it do. when i had to travel to some far places which do not provide vegetarian restaurant or even simple food without meat, onion and garlic

how do i manage the troubles created due to the fact that I’m a vegetarian n? 

some times i bring my own home cooked food out, pack it nicely and bring it. Its a good way to save money and of course, food cooked by ownself….isnt it always nice?AHAHA, but if i don’t , i will have to die die hunt for one meat free meal to consume, some are nice, some aren’t. but i always skip meals just to diet….LOL

but those food are getting more popular , places selling vegetarian food are increasing too, so i will do review on those vegetarian food that i ate outside HEHE so stay tune okies

physical appearance 

as people group themselves in terms of skinny, buff , fat, medium size and many more. i would say that i belong to the fit family, aka buff to medium range, i use to be skinny when i was age 13-14, however as time passes, i got tired of the days whereas i ran like crazy,living in a v restricted diet and many more. this isn’t what i want i realise, so i went into lifting section, picked up my dumbbell, barbell and started to self train.A year later i became stronger and better as i changed my lifestyle too. i exercise and eat well. there is a lot of difference, in terms of muscle percentage, weight increased but still presentable looking.

NCDCC life

this NCDCC life has given me a lot of learning points, it has taught me to become stronger physically and mentally, being more responsible and leading a team well.I participated in NDP 2016 parade, indeed is a very good experience. I’m also a staff sergeant, went to non-commission course, passed out as that rank and I’m really happy that time HAAH. it is really quite challenging role as a staff sergeant but I’m  still coping well.

however, i can’t go back for the time being, due to my leg condition. Still under monitoring. Very mixed feeling that i can’t go back to NCD life

this are some snippets of my NDP 2016 life


hoping to become a full time blogger,thats in case if i can’t run again.

my real dream is to become a full time air force personnel as i have lots of interest in military life. if my leg condition doesn’t allow me to work in military, i will go for blogger life then

is blogging life tough

i would say it is indeed quite tough. At times we bloggers would run out of ideas what to write and we would get stuck for hours at our desk, squeezing out all our brain juice just to produce one good piece of blog for readers.

since its tough,why did i still choose blogging

though I’m a extrovert, but i still find it hard to express myself through speaking. So i have chosen blogging to express with writing and words.

To me,being able to express oneself is a very important thing, it allows people to understand me better, and communicate better to prevent any misunderstandings

is a blogger’s life always in a nutshell?

Nope, as i mention blog is just a platform for us to express ourselves,and i do have friends and i go out with them often too. they take care of me really really well, love them a lot AHAHA ((don’t worry,I’m straight))

shall end off this blog with the pictures of me and my friends

#bloggingfundamentals #firstfridays


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