Basic Introduction About Me

First post here!

People who followed me on Instagram actually do know that I’m a traveller, and a person who loves photography a lot πŸ˜‰

Maybe u guys can email me for photoshoot collaboration AHAH

Okies, time for some basic introduction about me,

Im basically a 15 yr old Lacto-ovo vegetarian girl who is only 156cm tall ,and probably went through countless heartbreaks, confusion and even many more mistakes made currently and in the past, but thank goodness my friends didn’t give up on me LOLπŸ˜‚

Even though mistakes are made, all I can do is to learn from it and improve myself, whats done cannot be undone, no point dwelling in it too

Im also a NCDCC staff sergeantπŸ‘§πŸ», life as a SSGT aren’t easy at all as it carries heavy responsibilities, many cadets are under my supervision, so called a role model to them, whatever i do, they do, AKA “monkey see,monkey do” πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

I do photoshoot from time to time too! Currently on the list is on 22nd nov, which is coming up really really soon. I hunt for models to do shoots, I’m still a trainee here , still brushing up my skills πŸ‘… At the end of the day, all we wanted are the models to be happy with the final productπŸ€“

Well…talking about recent life, things aren’t as smooth as i thought it was going to be , however, I’m still trying to hold on. Life has its own ups and down, can’t always expect it to be a smooth journey without any hardships.

Without hardship, how can we even appreciate the gorgeous final result? we all have our own problems and difficulties to face, all we can do is face it with a smile, learn how to overcome it and move on


Time is getting late((already 1.30am)), shall end off my post here,😬

Will share about my recent oversea trip soon on the next post!

See u then!






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